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Best Anonymous Bitcoin Casino Games

Play casino games without having to worry about your wife or family finding out. Here are some trusted places, where you can be sure that you will withdraw your money easily when you win big. No documents needed and multiple cryptocurrencies accepted.

1. bc.game favicon BC.GAME - operating since 2018; slots, crash and many other games
2. BetFury favicon BetFury - operating since 2019; interesting design and boxes with free crypto
3. Pasino favicon Pasino - operating since 2021; integrated with FaucetPay

Why anonymous casinos?

Want to be rich like Elon Musk or Bill Gates, but without all the puclicity involved? Too paranoid to send your ID scans to some random casino website? No matter if you are a secret millionaire or just a normal guy playing for entertainment, anonymous gambling may offer multiple advantages to you.

Regular online casinos allow you to deposit money quickly and easily, however that is not always the case when you want to withdraw the money. Often they will ask at this point for your ID scans (e.g. passport or national documents) and some will even require that you prove that your funds are coming from legal sources. There are many reasons why you would prefer to not provide such information. Sometimes you may even not be able to provide the documents, even though you are not doing anything illegal (e.g. if you live in an unrecognized country). Anonymous casinos come to the rescue and let you play gambling games without having to worry about unexpected questions from the casino operators.

Do I need Bitcoin?

Regular casinos require documents, because banks and credit cards require documents. Therefore, if you want to play casino games anonymously, you will need to use casinos that accept cryptocurrencies instead of bank transfers. Most anonymous casinos accept many different cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and other. If you do not want to use Bitcoin, because you are too afraid that it will lose its value, keep in mind that there are cryptocurrencies that are pegged to real currencies. For example Tether (USDT) is pegged to American Dollar and widely accepted by anonymous casinos.

What if I do not have any cryptocurrency?

Most casinos offer free spins (where you can win real money) or even give you some crypto for free. If that is not enough you may use some websites called "faucets" that give away coins for free - here is a good list of paying faucets. Of course, if you have money and do not want to waste your time collecting free coins, you should just buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency using your national currency. It may be as easy as buying a coke in the supermarket or a bit more difficult, depending on which country you are living in.

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